Looks like the end..

Mountains, rain,greener grass
After almost 2 weeks of intensive rain it looks like the end of the deluge, at least now there are some blue bits and according to the forecast, it’s going to get better. But now the grass is almost a metre in hight.

Now I have the problem of cutting the grass for a week as it slowly dries out, when I was hoping to get out on my mountain bike or trekking. Why is life so challenging at times, but I suppose you can’t have one without the other. March & April is our rainy season here in Sardegna so what we get now will give us water in the long hot summers that we get with the forecast saying it’s a hot one this year. The lake is almost full and the highest I have seen it for years so really I shouldn’t complain.

Lake,lago,Corsi, water,rain,nature
Our lake Lago Corsi is almost full.

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