Peace and quiet at the cottage.

I often wonder why people prefer the chaos of booking a holiday let in a resort or complex in the height of summer, where you will find it overcrowded, no parking close by, noisy neighbours, and still having to use the car to go to the beach. On top of that you will pay a handsome fee for the privilege, but one consultation is you may have a sea view or pool, so if that’s worth paying for no probs.

This is why I have been offering Other Holiday Homes  as well as my own, because not everyone wants to have peace and quiet, easy access to beaches north and south, ( the nearest being 15 minutes by car ) parking outside, the coolness of the mountains, beautiful mountain scenery, bus stop for those that don’t drive. The Trekking cottage apartment is ideally for those who like adventure and enjoy being close to nature or trekking not just laying on a beach. ( costs less than camping)

Cottage,apartment, Iglesias sardegna
After my French guests had departed from the apartment on Saturday I went to check them out, then on the way back I thought how fascinating the mountains looked on a wet and rainy day.

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