You can do it if you really want…

I haven’t wrote much for quite some time, as I have been very busy finishing off some unfinished projects at home, as well as my vegetable garden etc. Then one day after I had cut the grass in the fruit tree area, which include figs, Apple’s, Pears, Plums, pomegranates, cherries, prunes I stood back to admire the result, which then made me think back to when I just sold up and moved here in Sardegna. Do you know what I don’t regret one bit and do not miss England at all. It wasn’t actually a hard decision to make, as I did not want to spend my life working 24/7 and then “die” I have been here 15 years now and not worked as such and survived to get my pension. Now when I return to the UK to see family or friend’s, I can’t work out why people want to live like that. Best to look at your life not your possessions or what they are worth, as the value for most things are false. For example a small terraced home in a major city crowded with people, pollution, no parking, no garden, stressful, expensive, cold, will cost you more than a home overlooking the Mediterranean sea, or mountains with breathtaking views, peaceful, couple of acres, parking. Most people actually say they hate there lives or would love to live the good life, but do nothing about it. They continue to tred the wheel and keep upping the mortgage to keep there possessions only to die and someone else enjoy the spoils. I know not everyone wants this life and actually enjoy living in the chaos, but it definitely was not for me.

There was not one tree when I moved in, but now it’s a pleasure to sit and enjoy the spoils.

3 thoughts on “You can do it if you really want…

  1. As always you have worked very hard enjoy the spoils of what you have planted and may it yield well this year …


    1. Thank you Sam, it’s going very well this year with most places booked up now. I have been thinking of getting a canoe for the guests.

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