Almost there…

Yes almost there as the season comes to its peak. Next weekend it will start to slow down ( thank God ) I must say this has been one of the busiest summer’s I’ve experienced since renting out holiday homes. Renting is the easy bit, it’s the moaners that take up so much time with there moans, and I have to put on a happy face in hope that they don’t write a bad review. At one point I had at least 12 homes rented and it was over 40° ( not my fault ) I was fed up with explaining that air con will drop the temperature not more than 10° so if it’s 40 it will arrive at 30 and so on. One “German” had it set on 16° 🤣 why take a holiday in August if you like it cold and what are you doing staying in all day with the air conditioning on? Ah I know I paid for it so I will use it.. There is a beautiful sea called the Mediterranean to keep cool and fit, yes but my kids brought there tablets and I like a beer or 2 ( more like a gallon looking at the belly ) Then in the night when it drops to about 26° what do they do when it’s set on 16° they put a blanket on top at night? Home from home I suppose. Just turn it off you have had your monies worth.

Here are a few more examples of moans that I had to sort.

Please can someone changed the sheets as I think these are synthetic and we are used to cotton.

Can we have a kettle because we need to make tea…

I want to leave as I can hear 🐕 barking.

Can we have more sunbeds please.

The TV is only in Italian 😂

We have a bat in the bathroom. ( Not nice )

The washing machine door won’t open, and now it’s broken. ( He forced it )

This property has no oven and I bought a chicken. ( Well cut it up and cook it in a pan I suggested )

The WiFi is slow…

We have run out of toilet Rolls. / Ok then buy some this is not a hotel.

The knives are blunt..

But in the end I have to sort it and keep smiling. I love it really, as it makes me realize that they don’t know what Life is about. It’s about making do sometimes.


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