It’s that time of year again.

Yes it’s that time of year to start putting pen to paper. Didn’t really have much time this year, with it being a very busy year, but now we don’t expect many guests, so I’m feeling the need to update you all. I have to say that we didn’t have many problems, with guests except the usual moaners or not obeying house rules.

For example :- One couple stayed 8 night’s and when they left I found 8 days rubish and filth, used every towel and bed linen which is there for 4 persons, 2 glasses broken or lost, 1 coffee mug missing, all the small bag’s for cooking waste etc taken, enough sand on the floor to make sand castles, used all the toilet rolls and kitchen rolls, liquid soap, washing up liquid, so on so on.

But looking on the bright side, they did say in there review that the apartment is well equipped ( God they must have thought it was Christmas. ) I can only think that they must live like that as it is definitely not normal. What I don’t understand is that they collect the rubish every day from the door?

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Just some of the rubish left after a weeks stay.

All in all it was a good year, with most enjoying the excellent trekking or Beaches in the province of Iglesias, some writing excellent reviews, which for me is important and makes up for the few miserable ones.

Holiday, travel, holidayhome, Sardinia
No I can do the thing’s I enjoy.

In a way it’s nice having seasons, because now I can rest and do what I love to do, trekking or mountain biking, with a bit of fishing thrown in. Plus catch up on all the maintenance that always needs doing at home, and the apartment. People ask me here what do I think of Brexit and I say WHAT’S THAT, it’s so nice living here and the less Brits that discover how wonderful life is in Europe the better, I’m almost famous now being more or less the only xpat for miles that had the guts to do something about there life. But then not everyone likes to live where time stood still. Where you eat only local fresh seasonal vegetables, fruit, fish, meat, and bread, where wine costs less than beer, where being invited to dinner with there families and friends is normal. I sometimes think when I return, why do they think working 24/7 is such a nice life.

Holiday, travel, holidayhome, Sardinia
Who wants to work 24/7 anyway