Time to do the important things.

It seems that the season is now over, not many travelers arriving at this time of year and I don’t blame them, especially as we have had rain for 2 weeks, which is unusual, but for me it’s welcome. The good thing is I can now catch up with more important things, like playing with the dog’s ( in between showers ) Milo just loves to catch things, which he has managed to develop perfect timing, so hardly ever misses. Also lot’s of trekking along the beaches and up into the mountains, then in between that there are all the routine maintenance jobs in and out the house and on the land.

German shepherd, playtime, Sardegna
This little piggy has had it.
German shepherd,dog, Sardegna
This little piggy is roast beef.
Pomegranate,wine, Sardegna
This pomegranate was massive, and weighs 1,82 kgs. So all I need now is a nice red 🍷 and I’m all set.
Mining, village, Sardegna
It’s great to go exploring with my dogs. This was once part of an old mining town, now abandoned.
Beaches, Sardegna
Often I walk the beaches, and normally I’m the only one. This is something I like very much, especially when its 3.5 klms long.
German shepherd,dog, Sardegna
Maya, the oldest of my gang prefers the mountain trails, Maya is more like a mountain goat than a dog, she will climb to the top to admire the view’s.