It’s always a hard decision.

When the sun is shining, and you are looking for something to do, it’s always a hard decision whether to go mountain biking or trekking. Today the bike won and what a lovely experience it was. The sun was shining, no wind, around 19°c I was feeling reasonable fit for a relaxing adventure into the mountains. Anyway I need to go as it’s good for my joint’s to keep them moving, or so they say. Also they say you are as old as you feel, but I won’t tell you how old I feel. What I like about mountain biking is how you feel after, as for me it makes me feel relaxed, with all the problems in your head sorted, but saying that I like to take my time and stop many times to take photos of nature’s bounty.

Grotte,cave, Domusnovas, Sardinia
My first stop was to see where waters meet near to the Grotte di San Giovanni.
Mountain biking, Sardinia
This was just outside the Grotte di San Giovanni, i stopped on the bridge and watched the river running below, this was lovely just to hear the roar of the water. I stayed for a while and thought.!
River, mountain biking, Sardinia
The water twisted and wound its way, from where it came it didn’t say, so I sat and thought all my problems away. Thank you.
Mountain biking, Sardinia
As you can see the climb was not easy, and very slippery. But I picked my way through and only dismounted to take photos, so well pleased.
Mountain biking, Sardinia
On this trail i reached a height of around 600 mts but the views were special today.
Mountain biking, Sardinia
This is always the best part. Relaxing at home.