The trails are endless.

I know that Christmas is getting close and that Brexit, election, etc has taken its toll, so now its time to start thinking of more relaxing things. So why not a new year break in the warm Mediterranean winter sun. Here in Sardinia the trails are endless, whether its coastal or mountains you will enjoy the fresh air that you can only find on an island in the Mediterranean. They say one of the reasons that people live so long here is that the Mistrale wind blows all the stale air away so there is almost no pollution. I walk these trails as much as i can, and i can tell you that when you return to the apartment, you will have an appetite like a horse, so with the wood stove blazing and a nice bottle of wine uncorked and ready, a nice sauce cooking to eat with your pasta, just remove your boots and relax. But saying all this not everyone enjoys being in a village in the mountains so i do have some other holiday homes which are more luxurious in some ways if that’s what you prefer.  Other holiday homes

The trails are endless

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