You don’t make chips from potatoes?

Some habits will never change.

Trekking cottage apartment, Sardegna.

Old habits are hard to change in some people, they will not even sample what life is really like in another country, in fact sometimes I wonder why some people come here on holiday. For example I have had a lot of people say its very expensive in Sardinia, then again I have had others say how cheap it is? But for me and always when in Rome do as the Romans, so to speak! Lots of English say gosh the tea bags cost a fortune, that’s because they drink “coffee” in general and nice coffee, so drink coffee. It’s the same for Cornflakes, bacon, oven chips, baked beans, sliced white prepackaged bread, chicken nuggets, steak, frozen and tinned food, and so on? One child who came to dinner with his parents would only eat Wall’s sausages, so I bought some turkey sausages just for him and told him they…

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