How can i ever return to the UK

I have been Living in Sardinia more than 15 years now, and have become like the locals. Which isnt a bad thing, at least im far away from all that Brexit and politics rubbish, in fact I find it sad that people actually go on about it all the time. I dont even have time to worry about things like that anymore, as im too busy enjoying life as it was intended.

Like i said, how can i ever return to the UK. Wine here can be bought in draught if you like, so helping with global warming in a way. Some like this one are remarkably good and as you can see very strong. These types of wine have little preservatives or sulphates so no hang-overs, if you happen to go overboard, not that i do. In fact they say that in Sardinia a good red wine keeps the doctor away, but im not sure if that’s true.

12 thoughts on “How can i ever return to the UK

    1. Thank you Sandy. Have a great Christmas and New year yourself. I been here so long I’m now reading books written in Italian. 🀭 Still on Logan… πŸ‘


  1. This is how I used to buy my Vin Ordinaire (aka Vin du Pays) in Nice, when I was a student many MANY years ago. Except then the barrels were made of wood. I would bring my own glass litre bottle to the Cave, the place where the vin was sold), and filled it using the barrel’s brass spigot. That for me will always remain The authentic way to buy and drink low priced but good French table wine, without worrying about microplastics or sulphates etc. Of course the place is now closed, thanks to mass tourism. The Sardinian way pictured in this post is yet another reason why I find this island so charming! cheers

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    1. It’s like going back in time here. But I’m sorry to say it’s starting to change. As the people want more and not realising what change will bring.


      1. More what… money? Freedom from backbreaking work? The sudden and temporary adoration of pretty little things in bikinis? Sell the land, you lose everything, and become nothing.


      2. I totally agree, but it has already started with small bits of beach rented out to unscrupulous owners who charge a fortune for an umbrella, or a coffee on the beach. Beach car parks fees go up each year. But saying all that if you don’t mind walking a bit, there are many beautiful places you can access the sea and no fees.


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