Only if the sea is calm.

Only if the sea is calm, would you want to risk a trip along this coastline in a canoe. But you also need to check the sea forcast beforehand, as the sea state can change in a few minutes if the wind is in the northwest direction, especially when there is a mistrale blowing. These winds can reach over 100 klms with 12 metre wave’s. Anyway most of the time it’s reasonable calm in the summer months to amble along below the cliffs, venturing inside the many sea caves that have been carved out of the rock’s by the sea. Then going ashore on an isolated beach or Island to stop for some lunch or rest. Always best to take your snorkeling gear, so you can snorkel in the crystal clear sea that you will find in Sardinia.

Pass through the big arc and feel the vastness of these rock’s.
Enter the many sea caves.
Snorkel in crystal clear sea.