I just had to get some air.

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I just had to get some air. Christmas is ok but if I was really truthful I couldn’t care less. Give me my walking boots or mountain bike anyday. As I cycled out the gate on a beautiful warm and sunny day, I felt freedom penetrated my whole body, although not a long ride as one has to be good over the festivities, it was very relaxing and I built up a lovely appetite to return to yet another marathon lunch with family.



6 thoughts on “I just had to get some air.

  1. Hi Stephen, Greetings from FLA, and thanks for your recent Like. Your blog pics as usual are awesome. More awesome still is your lifestyle. You are like the Jeremiah Johnson of Sardinia! cheers


    1. Thanks for the comment, but not sure who Jeremiah Johnson actually is. Sorry to be so ignorant..


      1. Thanks but it won’t open or copy on my mobile. So as soon as I get a chance I will try on my computer.


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