I’m not a planner, but I need to plan ahead.

Very soon the enquiries for 2020 will be arriving, leaving many disappointed clients, as all the best apartments will be booked in the first couple of weeks in the new year. I’m not a planner but I need to plan ahead. There is always a big surge in January, as families get desperate to find what they are looking for during the peak season, which is last 2 weeks of July and first 2 weeks of August. It seems they all want the same thing? Which is Sea view, 2 bedrooms, air con, swimming pool, parking so on, and they will pay a price for it as well, with supply and demand pushing up the prices each year. A 2 bedroom apartment with all these features can cost 1,000€ a week and even more if booked through a large online travel agent, where there 25% fee will be added, that’s why I try to encourage people to book direct with me, but most will choose to book with Airbnb or Home away as they feel it’s safe? Anyway why not just take a look you will be surprised in the difference. Other holiday homes will give you some idea of what is on offer, but please contact me first so we can arrange a realistic price.


4 thoughts on “I’m not a planner, but I need to plan ahead.

  1. You were a good host and highly recommend for people to book with you as you went above and beyond that is expected from a host 👌👌


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