How much do you need to live on. Think first!

Living the good life means you need to become multi skilled, this way you earn money by not paying others to do the work. This means being the gardener, builder, plumber, electrician, chef, accountant, car mechanic, lawyer, barber, and more. And for exercise you go looking for mushrooms, asparagus, nuts, berries, fruit’s, snails, mussels, cockles, and fishing. By doing all these things you will be surprised how little you need to live on. I used to dream all the time about living a more natural life, then one day I just took the plunge. Now I can’t believe that people continue to tred the mill. Now I wake up and I have a choice on how my day goes. Today I started to build a new veranda in wood, saving 5,000€ that alone is 100€ a week. Add to that all the other things that you don’t buy like vegetables, fruit, wood for the wood burner, use your bike as much as you can or walk, use public transport for long trips, saving on car maintenance plus public transport is quite cheap here. Add all this up, then put your pension or savings on top. If this adds up to what you would need as a yearly income, then go for it as it can’t fail. You can always do small things to get extra income, like teaching English or renting out Other holiday homes like I do, then you can use that to visit friends and family back in your country.