Trekking with the right company, makes all the difference.

I have 4 German shepherds, but I only take one at a time. I know I should not have favourites, but I always enjoy the company of Maya as she is more relaxed and obedient. When I stop she will come and sit by my side to guard the rucksack, which normally has something to eat and drink inside. She is very protective and I always know if someone Is close by. This walk was a real favourite of mine, but not sure I would do the same route again, as it was very tough on the knees, having to negotiate huge rock’s and boulder’s, even though it was very rewarding when I reached the top. From there on the views we’re spectacular making the walk back much easier. I started and returned from the beach at San Nicolò near Buggerru southwest Sardinia. Always the best bit is when you return home, with the wood burner blazing, a nice hot shower, then feet up and a nice glass of wine and something hot to eat. Being an expat does have it’s rewards.

I knew that this trail was not going to be easy.
It took me high into the mountains above San Nicolò.
It reminded me of the Jurassic period.
Reaching about 800 MTS ASL the views were fantastic.
The small lake below is called the lake of the dead, as so many people drowned in the lake.
Always on guard, especially my rucksack.
Feeling tired.

A view of Portixeddu.


6 thoughts on “Trekking with the right company, makes all the difference.

  1. wow. dream life. we just went to see our german shep puppie; get her feb 1. i will not be able to exercise her the way you do yours. 2 questions: (1) why do some many drown in that lake? (2) why are this sheppie’s nails so long? with all the hiking, you would think they would be worn down naturally. just asking…. cheers


    1. The lake I think was full of dangerous minerals which are toxic. There nail’s according to the vet are supposed to be long? I have asked that question myself. My dogs are not pedigrees but pure German shepherds. They are more like the original breed that descended from the wolf so they say, with longer legs and claws. Good luck with your new pup, they are great dog’s that will defend and protect you.

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