Ride out the problem..

I decided I needed a break from building my veranda, as my back was giving me some problems. So what did I do? I went out on my mountain bike for a short ride. I know it might seem strange and I know what you are thinking! But it works every time for me. Maybe it’s because I do relax when I do this, I take my time and love to stop and look at my surroundings, then take photos etc of my trip, then to return home for lunch, which I prepared before I left ( chicken broth ) crusty bread, lots of vegetables, red wine 🍷 wood burner on feet up and 😴 Anyway here are a few pics.

First I arrived at the Grotte di San Giovanni at Domusnovas, It’s the gateway to many trail’s. The cave is one kilometre inside and you can ride through for free.
At the other end of the cave, you enter one of the biggest Forrest’s in Europe the forest of Marganai which is mainly Oak trees. I love riding through here, it’s so peaceful.
Once inside the forest I took a small trail which was very steep, but I felt good so no problem. The views were amazing, and I could see all the mountain ranges.
I then took another trail, which is a single track and my favourite trail as it will take me back to where I started.
I stopped several times. As it’s not a race.
I even found some daisies, as it was quite warm and felt like spring. But the cold will come.
This trail takes you all alongside the mountain, it was made by the miner’s many year’s ago
Another viewpoint.
There’s even a tunnel along this trail because back in the mining days this would have been used by a small electric train. Today it’s used by hiker’s and bikers.
The tunnel was made for short people, so watch your head.