I don’t want to talk politics. But are they all mad.

Politics is not really my thing, but I have to say that I do feel sad as Brexit approaches. Do people realise what they have committed themselves to. I left the UK more than 15 year’s ago as I didn’t like my life in the UK. Even then it was full of very selfish people, who think it’s ok for Brit’s to go and live in another country or work, when thing’s were and still are bad in Britain. For example I remember lot’s of people in the construction industry worked in Germany especially brick layers, there was even a program designated to this. Auf wiedersehen pet. But we were heroes? https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0086665/ And I remember the German’s moaning and saying that British workers were bringing down the labour prices, there were protests and even battles with workers on some sites. Let alone the Costa’s which we’re transformed into down market holiday resorts for the Brit’s, they took the British way of life to Spain, but they thought they were doing them a favour? God we are so selfish.

It seems that the British public want it all for them, and many don’t even know what life is like in Europe, they think everyone wants to live in England. Well that’s not true as here in Sardegna immigration is also a problem, why can’t we all accept that we can all live where we want like I have done, so please stop moaning, the world is changing and we need to be patient. My dad fought in the war to bring Europe together, but now the bullied has become the bully and Great Britain is now the new fascist wanting Great Britain only for the Brit’s with ethnic cleansing. Britain did not win the war alone, so without it’s allies thing’s would have been different, especially the Polish being most pilots were from Poland in the battle of Britain. They died for us and now we don’t want them working in Britain? Immigration is a wonderful thing, without it we would still be stuck in the stone age period.

Anyway I’ve said my bit, as that’s what I see when I return to Britain. All I can say is that life in Europe is wonderful and I feel so free, living where money seems less important, and a healthy lifestyle is foremost.