A memorable trip with memorable people.

Last September I had a request from a group of English tourist who wanted to book a sailing boat trip in Sardinia for 8 person’s, but the boat I normally use will only take 8 including skipper and crew ( me ) So I contacted a friend who has Just changed a very large motor cruiser for an even larger sailing boat of 53ft to see if his boat was ready after an intensive refit. I was in luck it was ready and he was willing, so all booked in, even though it was very short notice as they we’re already in Sardinia.

The sailing boat is 53ft and was moored at the fishing Port of Calasetta.

The day came, and I was there early so I could have breakfast with the skipper in a bar at the port, which is how things are done here, always over a coffee and a fresh baked pastry or pastries, but I didn’t complain as he was paying. The group arrived on time, but with one missing due to being scared of maybe a rough sea? Anyway we introduced ourselves and boarded the boat and introduced the skipper Luigi.

As soon as I explained everything and all bags etc stowed we set off towards Carloforte and the Island of San Pietro.

As we set sail and started talking, we got to know each other, all asking questions about where we were from and what did we do. This part always interests me as each time it’s so different. On board we had a film director, inventor, actress, author, with one being the wife of the film director who made Gorillas in the mist, so the conversation was very very interesting, I enjoyed this group immensely. They told me they wanted to experience non touristy things and eat how the locals eat. After a while they found places on deck to chill out and do there thing.

They all found there own space to relax.

We sailed around San Pietro island looking for a good place to anchor so we could have lunch. The skipper had a surprise for them. But first we need to stop to swim and snorkel in the crystal clear sea of Sardinia, so we headed for punta nero as the bay Is protected from the winds.

We anchored, then all dived in, and I was shocked as they all swam to the beach which was a good 500 mts from the boat, I felt concerned but I shouldn’t have they were excellent swimmers.

When they returned we drank a beer together, then continued on to where we had planned to stop for lunch.

When they returned we drank a beer together, then continued on to where we had planned to stop for lunch.

When we arrived at our destination the skipper went below to the galley to prepare lunch and I went with him to help, the galley was quite big for a boat with air conditioning so was quite pleasant while we sipped more beer and tasted the wine. Luigi is an excellent cook and set about preparing whilst I prepared some starters, and laid the table etc, prepared and served drinks, first a nice sparkling wine as an aperitif with some salami, cheeses, bread, olive’s. Luigi cooked mussels served with spaghetti, followed by swordfish cooked in fresh tomatoes and basil. It all went down very well with a nice vermentino.

The galley was bigger than expected and very well equipped.
They soon tucked in and nothing was left.
Mussels cooked in oil, garlic, chilli, wine.

After lunch we relaxed and drank Mirto, which is a local liquor only found in Sardinia, then another swim then headed off, passing the sea caves of San Pietro Island.

As we passed the sea caves of San Pietro island the cameras we’re clicking.
The colours we’re special. And matched the name of the boat.
We had a nice breeze on the way back and Luigi had the boat soon cruising around 8 notts
Soon we were back in Port, then another beer before they all headed off.

We said are farewells, then more handshakes and kisses, this is normal as well and traditional and off they went. Luigi and me went to the bar for another beer before heading home. The next day I received a message on WhatsApp saying thanks again and the best thing they did all holiday, making it even more memorable.

This I can arrange even if you are not my guest, so if you are in Sardinia, please get in touch using my contact page in the menu. https://trekkingcottageapartment.holiday/sailing-boat-excursion-calasetta-sardegna/