Nearly finished….

I have not given much time to WP due to many distractions and limited time. One I have been building a car port and veranda, the other was that I became involved on twitter and Facebook with #Brexit why I don’t know as I don’t do politics much, but I felt that they have taken something away which was very important to me. Anyway we won’t go down that road enough is enough. The veranda is almost finished with the roof on and felted, there are still a couple of pillers which still need support and a coat of water based varnish.

I have enjoyed building this project, but I can’t wait to get back out there trekking and mountain biking.

It will be great in the summer for eating and drinking outside.

Although I did manage get out on Sunday and met 2 other guy’s who we’re being attacked by 3 very large sheep dogs, so I stopped and chased them away 😇 I didn’t say but I knew the dog’s from past experience, so know exactly how to handle them, being firm, deep voice, and a large stone. Dog’s hate stone’s being thrown at them. Then they asked me to join them, which I did. All in all it was a relaxing ride with good conversations, but it must have been the day of the 🐕 because we we’re attacked 3 more time’s by different groups. It’s illegal to let dog’s roam freely, one of the guys was a forestry police officer, and said he will return to the owners and give them nice fine 👍One dog was a very large Labrador and chose me for some reason, but dog’s don’t scare me as I have 5 dog’s of my own. But this one kept coming, so I dismounted and that seemed to make him worse. All I had to protect myself was my bike, so I waited until the last moment, staying behind my bike all the time then when he pounced I shoved my bike in his face, game over and I won this fight. Then a bit further on ( me again ) an old man older than me coming in the opposite direction downhill at about 50 klms lost control for some reason and went straight onto me damaging my brand new bike and giving me a very large bruise on my thigh. Then got back on his bike without saying sorry or offering to pay for damage, said buongiorno and I said f–k off you…. Then I limped home thinking what a strange day. The funny thing is I enjoyed it…