The lagoon at portobotte in Sardinia.

I often go to the lagoon at Porto Botte, either on my mountain bike, or trekking. It’s one of those places that I can’t get enough of, mainly because it’s so peaceful with outstanding scenery.

Many years ago it was a thriving fishing industry, but now it’s been abandoned and taken over by nature becoming a haven for birds of all kinds especially flamingos. The lagoon runs parallel with the beach which is around 5 KLM from end to end, the sand is firm so no problems for walking or riding etc.

I went there quite recently and would like to share some moments with you.

Porto Botte
It all started from here, you can park a car right on the beach. The sea was so calm.
Porto Botte
The first part is easy going as the gravel road runs parallel to the beach.
Then off road and alongside the lagoon, you can see lots of fish and small herons along this stretch. It’s a paradise for bird watchers.
Some fisherman still fish in the lagoon from small boats.
Further on you will find many flamingos that come here every year to feed on the abundance of prawns that are in the lagoon.
About halfway along you can enter the beach which is in open sea. It’s perfect for walking or biking in the lower season and great for lazing on a sun drenched beach in the summer.
The beach at Is’Solinas Porto Botte Is a great place to collect shell’s.
At the far end there’s a river which leaves the lagoon keeping it clear and clean.
Here the bridge passed over the river, so I stopped to admire the view and plan my route back so as not to pass the same points.
A last glimpse of the river before heading back.

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