Even on a bad day it’s pleasant.

Most day’s are good, but even on a bad day it’s pleasant.

I find that as the summer ends and the day’s cool down, I get the urge to go walking with one of my dog’s. The walks are usually coastal as I love the sea and the combination of colours that you find from the vast difference of Mediterranean shrubs of intensive green to the deepest blue of the sea.

I don’t need to travel far with the closest beach being just 15 minutes drive. One of my favourite walks is at Portopaglia, were you have the choice of the beach or sand dunes above which are covered in juniper trees and Mediterranean shrubs and herb’s, with a fragrance of every imaginable herb combined.

These mushrooms were growing under a juniper tree, and although they look tempting, they are best left well alone.
Trekking cottage apartment
Milo and I stopped to look at the old Tuna fishermens house, which is still used by fishermen.
Trekking cottage apartment
I zoomed in so you can have a better idea of what it looks like.
Milo my best companion when trekking, does like to pose sometimes.
There are Lot’s of dead trees for some reason, probably due to a fire. Which are a problem when tourists arrive and don’t Obey the rules.
This is a view of the whole bay, it’s called Golfo del Leone.
There was a lot of surfer’s that day.

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