Once it becomes habit.

When I first moved to Sardinia, 15 year’s ago I was in shorts up until Christmas and didn’t put the wood burner on in the evening until December. Now it’s a different story with shorts being put away around October and the wood burner on also it seems chilly to me now. I used to swim from may until November, now you won’t find me in the sea before July or after September. There could be two reasons for this. 1/ the climate is getting colder and global warming doesn’t exist. 2/ I’ve become acclimatised and even though it’s getting warmer I still find it chilly, so I have become like the locals. I think it’s more like the latter don’t you. I’ve become soft.

Even my dogs love the wood burner.

Today I went to Cagliari which is the capital of Sardinia, it’s a beautiful city and very lively so well worth a visit. While I was there I couldn’t help but notice people with big coats on and even scarfs around there neck’s and face, it was 19° and sunny for Christ sake. At least I haven’t gone that far yet, but I did have a woolly hat on I’m sorry to say. So once it becomes habit there’s no going back. Have a nice evening everyone and it’s good to be back in WP.


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