As the days get shorter.

As the days get shorter, and as I get bored from being indoors a lot more than i would like to be, it’s nice to look back through one’s photo album at past experiences. I thought I would share some with WP.

Trekking from Capo Pecora to scivu with two friends in May. This is such a lovely walk with outstanding scenery.
This beach at Scivu is about 30 minutes drive from the apartment, then a small trek of about 30 minutes, to have a beach to yourself.
Another beach, but this time at Porto Botte. I went there quite recently and cycled along the beach and around the lagoon.
The lagoon at Porto Botte Is such as a fascinating place, full of bird’s and flamingos. Local fishermen still fish in the lagoon.
These are the flamingos that you will find in all the lagoons in Sardinia, they have become very popular and important, with many tourists coming just to film them in there natural habitat.
In the summer months I often take my guests on a boat tour to see the sea caves on the island of San Pietro. The water is such a lovely colour and transparent.
Some guests enjoying lunch on a large sailing boat which I arranged on a friend’s boat.
Diving and snorkeling trips to see the sea caves of Carloforte San Pietro island. These trips are normaly 3 to 4 hours in a specialy desgned rib with a qualified instructor. Dont worry if you dont dive as you can just snorkel or swim if you like and watch the divers from above. Or you can have your first diving lesson. This boat is very fast and a fun morning or afternoon out.
The view was worth the climb. Trekking in the mountains in the north of Sardinia.
Watching the sunset with my best friend Milo, he was fascinated by the bass fishermen.

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