It’s that time of year again.

At this time of year Just before Christmas, I start getting bored as the days get shorter and colder. The Trekking cottage apartment doesn’t normally get many guests from November until around March and because of Covid 19 it’s much worst this year, which is a shame as Covid is almost non existent in Sardinia.

Because the apartment is in a mountain retreat it’s quite Safe, you won’t see many people. Anyway getting back to being bored I decided to build a small lean to for drying clothes outside, so even if it rains the clothes will be dry. Then when they are just damp, we can bring them and put them on the clothes horse by the wood burner. I made the clothes horse from bits of wood remaining from another project.

Simple project made from odd bits of wood and some wood stain.
Old style clothes horse made from roofing battens and dowl rods, very effective way of drying clothes.

Although Sardinia stays reasonably warm in winter, it can be very damp being an island it’s surrounded by water making the air very damp, hence the wood burner which from December to March/ April the wood burner will be on keeping my house warm and dry. The wood burner burns very slowly but you still need a good supply of wood, so for that I have a hectare of land I bought many years ago which is full of many different types of tree’s. Some I’m allowed to cut down like Popular, and some Just prune like olive or Oak, it’s hard work but enjoyable with a sense of Satisfaction when you heat your home for almost free, plus the fact it’s great exercise and when I have finished deserves a nice glass of wine by the wood burner. Cheers 🍷

The chainsaw makes quick work of felling popular trees.
Time to relax with that glass or 2 of local wine.

3 thoughts on “It’s that time of year again.

  1. The wine looks and sounds great! Unfortunately the only way to keep Covid-19 out of Sardinia is to not let people in. We have very little here in New Zealand and were about to open our borders to Australia, but now they are having a resurgence, so I guess the border opening will not be happening. Perhaps you could introduce us to some of your favourite wines over winter. 🍷Cheers!

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    1. Unfortunately we are classified as a orange zone so at the moment no one can come in from outside. But cases are very little here with only 2 or 3 death’s a day out of a population of 1.5 million. It’s affecting tourism very much, but we do have the island to ourselves. I’m not an expert on wine’s and drink mainly the draught wine’s made in our local winery. But there are some excellent Sardinian wine’s. I’m sure in New Zealand you have some very good wine’s.

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