A #beach a day. Porto paglia, South Sardegna.

Oh Porto paglia is a beach of dreams, it makes interesting beach combing through the winter months and beautiful clear waters to swim in through the summer months. The beach is long and joins up with spiaggia di messu, punta Serena, fontanamare, making it in total 3 klms of beach so no problem to find space or to just walk and swim while getting a tan.

If you like to be alone then this is the beach.
Discover the old Tuna fishermen house, still in use to this day, but not commercially.
In the winter it can get very rough, but makes exiting beach combing as you stroll along its shore’s immersed in nature.
A part of the old Roman tower remains but it get smaller every year as the sea takes its toll. It’s a shame they don’t have the funds to restore it.
The summer is a different story with warm sea crystal clear to swim in. I took this at the end of August around 10am and as you can see I’m the only one on the beach.

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