Retire on your mountain bike.

It’s strange I never really saw myself as a mountain biker when I was young, but always dabbled in sport from Rugby to Taekwondo, mainly to keep myself at some level of fitness. But as you get older these sports can be very demanding and damaging later in life. So when I was 50 I decided I have had enough of the English climate and way of life, being mainly indoors due to the weather, so I downed tools sold up and moved to Sardinia, saying bye bye to friends and family who all thought I was crazy.

It’s nice to find a nice place and enjoy the view.

Crazy I was but not for leaving, I should have left when I was much younger. Sardinia for me was an eye opener where most people live a very outdoor lifestyle, with its mild climate with beautiful beaches and mountains. I was shocked at the number of old retired people jogging and swimming on the sun bleached beaches, groups of pensioners cycling along the roads and into the mountains, some in there 80’s. So basically I started doing the same while I was in my 50’s, now I’m 70 and I am well and truly hooked on mountain biking, but I’m more of a trail biker really, cycling along endless trails that never end. I normally travel alone because in groups it starts to get a bit competitive, so alone I can do as I please which is normally a steady pace stopping to take photos or to enjoy a panoramic view. Some days I take a small rucksack and stay out all day taking a small pack lunch with me or even stopping at a bar or restaurant, I’ve never been stopped for drinking and driving yet.

Find a quiet beach to swim and snorkel.

During the summer months I may cycle to a beach then along a coastal path to find a quiet spot so I can swim and snorkel in the crystal clear sea, this is a fantastic way to keep fit and for me a real pleasure. I just hope that when I am in my 80’s I will still be able to do this like so many before me.


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