I planted over 1,000 trees, now I live in a paradise.

When I bought my plot of land it was completely bare and without trees, fence or anything, but I couldn’t plant anything until the house was built.

The builders moved fast and the shell of the house was put up in about 3 months Inc the roof, then I set about finishing it off (still ongoing) The basics didn’t take that long to install and most of it I did myself having worked in the building trade all my life. But that wasn’t the only thing left to do, we had no trees to protect us from the burning heat in the summer and the ice cold winds of the winter, in fact the first year we lost tiles to the wind. We need trees and lot’s of them.

Lot’s of Figs.

When I first moved to Sardinia they would give you trees for free, all you had to do was go to the forestry commission with the plans of your land in the springtime then collect your trees in the autumn. The trees were tiny saplings but in Sardinia things grow fast if you water regular, I was granted 1,000 trees by the measurements of my land, but many will die in the first year I was told, but I’m glad to say I didn’t lose many. The trees they give you for free must be traditional Mediterranean trees and no fruit or olive trees those I had to buy.

Pomegranates grow well in my soil.
Always abundance of olive’s.

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