Why would you want to stay in San Benedetto, Iglesias, Sardinia?….good question.

Yes why would you want to stay at the cottage at San Benedetto, Sardinia?… good question.

First of all, “where” is the cottage and where is San Benedetto?

San Benedetto is a small village hamlet set in the most beautiful surroundings on the edge of one of the biggest national parks in Sardinia, in the mountains above Iglesias, which is just 6 klms from San Benedetto, so access is very easy using the SP 126 from Iglesias, taking about 8 minutes to arrive.

Iglesias is a medieval City and full of surprises with its history that goes back centuries with many old remnants of the past including the old City walls of the Castle which some remains still exist. The name Iglesias derived from the fact there are so many churches, also it has a beautiful Cathedral from the 13th century. But most of all Iglesias is known for its mining past, you will see much evidence of that. Iglesias is also known for its beautiful coast and beaches, which some are known to be the best in Europe. In the summer the town gets really going with its bars and restaurants spilling out into the streets where you will find a variety of traditional Sardinian food. There are plenty of shops, banks, supermarkets in Iglesias. So everything is on hand if required, there is even a train station with a direct link to Cagliari airport.

The cottage itself is mine, which I restored for my friends and family to use when they visit me etc, but also I enjoy showing people around, offer it to outdoor lovers who want a nice relaxing holiday away from it all trekking in The mountains. Inside there is around 75sqmts so plenty of room for 4 persons, with a large double bedroom, large bathroom with shower, utility room with washing machine, old style kitchen, living room with table chairs, sofa bed, wood burner. All the windows have shutters and the walls are almost 3ft thick so it stays cool even in the hot summers.

San Benedetto is a Haven for people who enjoy outdoor recreation like trekking, mountain biking, and rock climbing, as it’s all here on your doorstep. You just open the door and walk along the many routes that start or lead back to San Benedetto. Taking you through some interesting landscapes where you will find unusual relics of the village mining past.

Old mining relics of the past at San Benedetto.

Just a few meters away starts the road to Casa Marganai and the national park and woodlands of Marganai, they boast the biggest natural oak forest in Europe, once again you will find many trails to interesting palaces. At Casa Marganai there is also a botanical garden with many rare flowers, trees, plants, typical of the area, you will also find a restaurant which serves excellent traditional food. There is one trail I do often which starts at Casa Marganai and takes you to Punta San Michele which is the summit of mount Marganai and over 3,000 ft with views as far as Cagliari and Carloforte. You will pass through dense forest and open view points, you may see deer or wild boar, but for sure you will see the goats of Marganai which will be watching your every move. From the point if you like you can descend to the Grotte di San Giovanni at Domusnovas to visit and walk through the longest cave in the world! Not to be missed.

The view from Punta San Michele.

Beaches of Iglesias. Most people come to Sardinia for the beaches because there are so many, and so beautiful, having white sun bleached sand with crystal clear sea. Getting to them is easy from San Benedetto, the nearest just 15 klms away so more or less 15 minutes by car, but the most unspoiled and beautiful for me have to be Cala Domestica or Scivu to the north and Porto Pino or Maladroxia to the south. So you are right in the middle so perfect to explore north and south. Best local beach is Masua which is just after Nebida.

Masua beach.

Whatever your reason to visit Sardinia the cottage at San Benedetto is perfect, and getting there is simple if you arrive at Cagliari airport.

For more information please contact me on my contact page.

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