Time to plan the week ahead.

With the weekend finished, its time to plan the week ahead.

Not as easy as it sounds with so much free time to spare now most of the tourists have gone home to roost. 

Maybe a trip to The Grotte di San Giovanni at Domusnovas the longest cave in the world, always worth a visit. I have passed through this cave so many times and I am always impressed by its vastness.

Then there are always the beaches, which there are many in this region to numerous to mention. This one is at Masua just 15 minutes from the Trekking cottage apartment. So maybe a trek along the coast first then a nice beer in the beach bar before i have a swim in the warm Mediterranean sea. The swim I will leave to the tourists as for me now its to cold, but in summer its a different story, just try and stop me.

For me it’s always mountain biking. My pastime.

For me it has to be mountain biking, which is my pastime and a drug to me, but i can’t go everyday or I will burn out so one day yes and one day no. Also I need to walk the dogs, which is another passion of mine. This was taken at a place called Perda Niedda which is a nice trek from Trekking cottage apartment. Taking around 3 hours so one needs to leave early to make sure there is enough daylight to return back to San Benedetto in the winter months. Actually at Perda Niedda there is a nice Agriturismo which serves excellent food, local produce from Sardinia.

Can get quite busy in Iglesias during the summer months.

Just 8 minutes from the trekking cottage apartment there is Iglesias a really nice medieval City full of history and many churches, it has the most churches per head of population in the world, so well worth a visit. There are many restaurants, shops, etc. Iglesias can get quite busy in the summer months, now very popular as its beaches are just 10klms away.

So nice to anchor in a quiet bay and enjoy a nice vermentino before lunch.

Its a shame that its windy otherwise a nice sailing trip around the islands would be nice, another great passion of mine. In the summer months many of my guests have experienced the thrill of sailing for the first time and enjoy the relaxed feeling as we cruise around San Pietro island then anchor in a quiet bay to enjoy some local wine and food which I serve up for lunch. This is very popular in the summer, but now the sea can get rough, so I will give it a miss, anyway I need company.

Another of my thinking places and I have many, but this one is special.

Another favorite of mine is the Lagoon at Sant’Antioco, I love to walk the dogs there as its so peaceful with warm shallow water of not more than a metre, so you can keep on walking in the water for miles while the dogs swim. Good exercise for both of us, but a bit fresh now to be walking in water. That’s not a problem because its a great place to just stop and think, which I do a lot and have many such thinking places.

Why not just stay at home to do some work on the land.

In fact I might as well just stay at home and finish this post, then do some work on my land, which is also another passion of mine. And a great thinking place.


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