All alone in a Sardinian forest.

It’s a feeling hard to describe when alone in a huge forest, where even the mobile phone has no signal. The silence is overwhelming yet it draws me back time and time again. I often make these trips along these old trails high into the mountains above a small town called Domusnovas, which is part of Iglesias on the southwest coast of Sardinia. These trails lead right from the front door of the Cottage at San Benedetto over the mountain of Marganai reaching 1,000 mts at Punta San Michaela, then descending down mainly single track trails, where you will meet up with winding streams that dry up in the hot summer months, but it is different in winter as they drain the water from the damp forest. The forest of Marganai is said to be the biggest oak forest in Europe and dates back thousands of years, with the Grotte di San Giovanni being the longest cave in the world.

All alone in the forest at Domusnovas, its difficult to describe.
If you like forests you will love Marganai.
Ready for a fast descent from the top of Marganai to Domusnovas. This trail is mainly single track and very fast but slippery, so one needs to take care and look out for the rocks. here your phone has no signal plus you will not meet anyone you are alone in the forest.
You will find many view points along the way.
I love to stop at the streams when i reach the bottom of my descent, its always so refreshing.

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