The freshness of a mountain trail in a howling wind is awesome.

Today the wind was fresh and howling with an unusual bite that I am not used to, making my joints feel like they have seen there best, as I wasn’t planning to go trekking with my dog! It just seemed to be the right thing to do. The problem was I had very light clothing on to protect a not so keen body from the knife cutting wind. But saying that I actually enjoyed the suffering to the point I became warm, so long as I didn’t stop walking. It was a good job I put on the wood burner in the Cottage apartment at San Benedetto before we started our walk so to have a warm reception on our return, which we did, even my glasses steamed up on entering.  The problem was I went to the Cottage to do some maintenance and prepare it for winter, and my mistake was taking my dog. Oh well there is always tomorrow.

Walking along one of the many mountain trails, left by the miners past.


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