At this time of year..

At this time of year Trekking cottage does seem to go on the quiet side, but bookings are already coming in for next year. First will arrive the real outdoor type who will most defiantly go into the mountains trekking or follow the coastal paths, to discover what an amazing place this part of Sardegna really is. Then next will arrive the in between who want to be seen with their rucksack and boots by there friends and at the airport, looking like backpackers on an adventure. Then visiting sites only reached by car, so they can share the photos on the media network in full trekking gear, and eating in trendy restaurants for more photos. Then high summer will arrive the sun seekers, whose first question is how far to the nearest beach, and is there a bar? fortunately most of the main beaches have bars on them for high season. The closest beach to the apartment being just 15 minutes drive,  that’s usually enough to keep them happy, which is a shame having so many nice beaches close by or mountain walks that will make your heart beat. Anyway for them I have a cool bag, beach brolly, beach towels, they don’t need much more as they will be on the beach from early morning to late evening. It’s strange how different seasons bring the different types of guests, its like they change in much the same way. In winter they have normally dark or colourless clothes, Spring they wear colourful clothes, summer its full colour and mainly shorts to show off their tan, autumn the colours are beginning to fade back to winter colours. But i do love seasons here in Sardegna as we have real seasons although somewhat short, with summers that go from May untill October or if like this year even November. But for me the best time to visit Sardegna is in the spring for many reasons like long sunny days, fewer people, beautiful colours, no traffic, even beaches to yourself, restaurants no need to book. But what ever the reason please don’t just think of Sardegna as only beach holidays as you will miss so much.

Dont think of Sardegna as just a beach holiday or you will miss so much.

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