Trekking solo with Maya.

One of my main hobbies is Trekking whether in a group or solo with one of my dogs, last week it was the turn of Maya who is the oldest and the mum of the group. But when trekking solo its only possible to take one. She is great company and never leaves my side and i do have a special bond with her, even talking to her sometimes although not sure if she really understands but who cares. There is one thing i have to say i much prefer to go trekking with one of my dogs than in a group, for many reasons with the main one being the silence and solitude of being alone in the wilderness and in touch with nature. I think trekking in large groups destroy the trails as the single tracks become double, as people walk in 2’s and 3’s to keep talking making it a social event to post on the net. Not in groups. Anyway here are a few pics of our adventure which i must say was spectacular but the climb was tough and destroyed me for a few days.

The trail started here, and when i saw the rocks i knew it was going to be tough going.
The trail was made of large rocks making it tough on the feet, but i had good boots so i continued.
The valley was a bit jurasic with a prehistoric effect.
I walked the whole valley climbing all the way, the going was tough.
I stopped many times to admire the view.


9 thoughts on “Trekking solo with Maya.

    1. So do i Nina. If im home more than 2 days i get restless. Ive tried groups but 🤔 Where do you hike?


      1. Nina its like a drug if you enjoy it. I love coming home as well tired and hungry. Then its nice to relax.


      2. I imagine its beautiful in Germany. I have seemed to dug my heels in Sardegna. I just love the coast.


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