Prepare for winter guests.

We don’t get a lot of winter guests, which is a shame, because the winter in Sardinia is the best time to enjoy the wonderful trekking that can be found in the mountains of San Benedetto. Not expecting many or even none due to the Covid 19 still I must be ready. So today I cleaned out the wood burner which runs on pellets automatically so easy to use. When I arrived it was around 10° Inside as it’s been closed for a few months, but it soon had the place up to 21° in no time and very cosy I must say.

San Benedetto is in the mountains above Iglesias, the temperature is about 5° less than Iglesias so it’s important to have good heating. Mainly because when you have had a good day trekking in the mountains, it’s always nice to come back to a warm house to relax with a glass of local wine from our local vineyard. If you fancy a break and want to get away from it all I will be more than welcome to show you around. I will even arrange a wine tasting trip for free for winter guests.

Wine tasting at Aru winery.

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